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Technology Developed for GMD Used for Katrina Relief

September 15, 2005, Huntsville, Alabama - Some say good things come in small packages. For emergency communications the saying is dramatically true. An SRS Technologies team of engineers, led by Paul Gierow, for nearly 20 years, funded by government SBIRs and IR&D resources, developed deployable space structures for space borne communications and power. GATR (Ground Antenna Transmit/Receive) Technologies was formed in 2004 by Mr. Gierow to focus on developing products from SBIR programs with a license from SRS to use its technologies in partnership with GATR. IGI, LLC from Chicago, a GATR Team member, supported the communications system development and G2 Satellite Solutions provided the satellite services. That same technology became a lifeline for hundreds of Mississippi residents in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

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